The White Birch – Breathe

Wish I was small
In sunny days
A summer light breeze
Could lead me further

Someone would call
From beyond the maze
Of winter freeze
And draw me to her

Eyes that are gray
Can’t see behind the stains
Of blurring stars
And bleeding sun

I wish I could stay
Or silence the rain
The solid bars
Of all that’s left undone

All that’s left undone (x4)

Nights in the snow
When all you know
Is a velvet breath
And you all you long for

Light is a stain
A ball without a chain
The sweetest death
Might make you stronger

Gaze becomes eyes
To crystal rollerdice
The trembling ground
What have you done?

I wish I could wake
As the walls start to quake
From the impossible sound
Of air that leaves the sun

A summer breeze begun (x2)
A air that leaves the breathing sun

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